Due to careless registrations and cancellations in the past few summer schools, some precautions are undertaken and the registration is more elaborated.

All fields with asterisk * are mandatory.

Financial regulations in Poland: every issued invoice is charged with VAT tax regardless the obtaining the bank remittance. MAZUR-SYRENKA Conference Complex in Krutyn incurred remarkable losses in 2016-2018, due to numerous and unexpected cancellations by participants.
The costs of IKSS's are gross values.

MAZUR-SYRENKA requested IKSS Directors to introduce procedures preventing financial losses in the future. To avoid such losses, we undertake the following measures:

  • 1. MAZUR-SYRENKA Conference Complex will issue the invoice for payment one month before the payment deadline to all registered participants
  • 2. if MAZUR-SYRENKA will not receive participant’s remittance five days before the payment deadline, the Financial Office will request to provide scanned pdf bank document confirming the remittance.
  • 3. any participation cancellations should be submitted to IKSS Directors and MAZUR-SYRENKA Office: biuro@mazursyrenka.pl one month before the payment deadline
  • 4. no cost returns will be possible in case of cancellation after the payment deadline
  • 5. this is participant’s interest to induce the bank remittance soon after receiving the invoice, as administrative procedures take remarkable time
  • 6. in case of careless participation cancellation after the payment deadline without the evidence for solid and convincing reasons, will result in full financial charges for participant