Prof. Chihaya Adachi, OPERA, Kyushu University, Japan

1. Organic charge-transfer states with versatility functions in optoelectronic devices 

2. Optoelectronics characteristics of organic semiconductor lasers


Dr Yoann Olivier, Université de Mons, Belgium

1. A primer on electronic structure calculations with focus on charge-transfer excitations

2. Energetics and dynamics of singlet and triplet excitations in TADF materials


Prof. Dr Karl Leo, IAPP, Dresden, Germany

1. Electronic properties of blended organic semiconductors

2. High-Performance Organic Transistors


Prof. Hironori Kaji, Kyoto University, Japan

1.TADF and singlet fission

2. Multiscale charge transport simulation


Prof. Dr Hartmut Yersin, University of Regensburg, Germany

1. New trends in designing Cu(I) compounds with efficient and short-lived TADF

2. Zero-gap organic materials – Towards fourth generation OLEDs


Prof. Hiroyoshi Naito, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan

1. Full characterization of electronic transport properties in working
polymer light-emitting diodes via impedance spectroscopy
2. Interpretation of modulus spectra of organic field-effect transistors
(OFETs) - determination of OFET parameters


Mr. Junji Adachi, OPERA, Kyulux Inc., Japan

Hyperfluorescence(TM): a game changing technology for OLED display


Prof. Eli Zysman Colman, University of  St Andrews, Scotland

1. The development of deep blue TADF emitters for OLED

2. Accurate Modelling and Development of Multi-resonant Emitters for OLEDs


Prof. Mark E. Thompson, University of South California, USA

1. Triplet harvesting to achieve 100% efficient OLEDs: Why Samsung bought into this early on

2. Thermally Enhanced Luminescence from linear, two-coordinate, coinage metal phosphors


Prof. Dr Uli Lemmer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, LTI, Germany

1. Printed lasers based on metal-halide perovskite semiconductor

2. Efficient OLED light management by tailored optical disorder


Prof. Ifor D. W. Samuel, University of  St Andrews, Scotland

Organic semiconductor lasers


Prof. Graham Turnbull, University of  St Andrews, Scotland

Organic Semiconductors for Explosives Sensing


Prof. Ebinazar Namdas, UQ, Australia

1. Organic Light Emitting Transistors

2. Low Threshold Organic Semiconductor


Prof. Ken Onda, Kyushu University, Japan

1. Principles and applications of time-resolved infrared spectroscopy

2. Structural dynamics in photofunctional materials studied by time-resolved infrared spectroscopy


Dr Ilona Stengel, Merck Group, Darmstadt, Germany

1. Material Synthesis for OLED Applications - Perspectives from Industry

2. Learnings from OLED Material Device Testing - Perspectives from Industry


Dr. Akihiro Kimura, Konica Minolta, Japan

1. The Trend of OLED in lighting industry

2. The superiority depends on the fabrication process of lighting OLED


Dr Diego Rota Martir, Cynora GmbH, Germany

Blue high-efficiency emitters for OLED applications


Dr Jacob Gavartin, Schrödinger Inc., UK

Schrödinger software presentation and training tailored to the IKSS profile